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The portable tabletop extension offers you the opportunity to make a significant profit from your primarily existing customer base!

Just think about it… Anywhere there could possibly be people in wheelchairs and meals will be served is a place where the Portable Tabletop Extension and Plate Rotator are needed…

​The PTE is the perfect ADL tool for all your customers in wheelchairs.​

- This product is Billable (Wheelchair Accessory – tray)
and can be prescribed by your customer’s physician 
as an “ADL” product and YOU PROFIT!!!

- Discounts available to increase your profit 
margin – ask for details… 

- The patented multipurpose Portable Tabletop Extension
(PTE) is “Made in America” and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

- How many wheelchair customers do you have in your database? You’ll be doing them a huge favor and make more money by suggesting the PTE existing customers and recommending it to all new orders for chairs."

​Restaurants and Retailers

Do you know who you are missing?

If your building or business isn't accessible to people with disabilities, you are missing out on a major market. The 54 million Americans with a disability have $220 billion in discretionary income and represent an untapped market for you. For example, 71% of people with a disability report that they eat out at least once a week. Access problems could be keeping seniors and parents with small children away, too. Studies show that 25% of people over the age of 50 (50% of people over 65) have a disability… 

An average meal and drink costs $13.50 – Note: Over 90% of the disabled are accompanied by an able-bodied companion, driver, etc.  which means you would regularly sell two complete meals…


Your customer could serve 10 extra meals a week x $13.50 = $135.50 x 52 = $7,046.00

Your customer could serve 15 extra meals a week x $13.50 = $202.50 x 52 = $10,530.00

Your customer could serve 30 extra meals a week x $13.50 = $405.00 x 52 = $21,060.00

This should be a pretty easy sale. Just have the restaurant owner/manager take a look at the video on our website or get it from YouTube… The video demonstrates how the PTE and PR work… The product will help the restaurant generate more revenue, there’s a 50% tax credit on their purchase and it probably completes their ADA compliance. WIN – WIN – WIN!

If you are in any business associated with the Restaurant & Foodservice Industry, you can profit by selling the Portable Tabletop Extension to your customer base of restaurants…  Here’s a list…

Restaurant & Foodservice Buyers, Food Service Directors, Restaurant Owners, Food Equipment Manufacturers, Food Service Supervisors, Hotel Managers, Restaurant Managers, Bar Managers, Cafeteria Managers, Food Service Managers, Resorts, Motels, Food Preparations NEC (Manufacturers), Food Products (Wholesale), Retailers, Wholesalers, Buyers & Importers, Cooks, etc… 

Better still… What if your client restaurants promote the fact that they are now wheelchair accessible…? You can be the express reason to increase your clients monthly and yearly revenue exponentially… What would be the potential for the restaurant and yourself if each of those restaurants each bought 10 PTE units each…

The PTE can also be the perfect door-opener to provide you the opportunity to obtain new business as well…


30 Restaurants x 5 PTE sets = 150 sets sold.
30 Restaurants x 7 PTE Sets = 210 sets sold.
30 Restaurants x 10 PTE Sets = 300 sets sold. 


Now… You can double the number of units that you sell and double your profit per customer!!!

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