Our Company’s earnest desire is for all individuals, wherever they may be, to be treated as equals to the greatest extent possible. America’s DECLARATION  OF INDEPENDENCE  states:  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Life brings challenges and opportunities to every person:  Our aspiration is for every person to grow and progress by taking advantage of opportunities and by overcoming any restrictions, including physical disabilities.  In every individual, we want to promote courage and confidence  to enjoy  life to the fullest extent possible.

Our mission is to encourage faith in the Creator  and  in one’s self –in the person’s ability to step out in sincere belief and living faith that anything can be achieved, no matter the circumstances. 

If our products deliver a small amount of liberty and inspire individuals to demand more out of their lives, then we will have done our job. 

OUR  MOTTO:   “and access for all… it’s the right thing to do…”


Hi, I’m Anthony Morrison, Sales Manager for Quality Of Life Products, LLC. With the success of the Portable Tabletop Extension (PTE); many, many people compliment me on the product and assume that I am the products inventor. My humble response is, “No, I’m actually not the original inventor of The Portable Tabletop Extension and the Plate Rotator. That honor deservedly so belongs to the late Mr. Curt Austin.” 

I met Curt over 40 years ago when we both attended the same Jr. High School and we continued through high school together.  After high school, we remained friends even though not always in constant contact with each other. 

Curt had been afflicted with Muscular Dystrophy (MD) since childhood, and he was very proud to be one of “Jerry’s Kids.”  Curt’s father was always a bit of a tinkerer who would come up with various gadgets to help Curt participate in as many activities as he could and to live the most mainstream life as possible. In his desire for Curt to eat dinner with his family, Mr. Austin  conceived  the original ideas of the Portable Tabletop Extension and the Plate Rotator.

Curt went on to college and became a consultant who worked over 18 years  an Independent Advisor and a Certified ADA Consultant, working with restaurants and businesses helping them to comply with ADA regulations. He realized that restaurants needed a product that would bring existing tables and booths into compliance with ADA regulations.    

In order to prevent and stop useless lawsuits, most restaurants had satisfied the ADA accessibility requirements for parking, front and bathroom doors.  Now, Curt was dedicated to helping persons with disabilities to live a more mainstream life, enjoying the same pleasures and benefits available to everyone else.   Curt’s goal was to enable  restaurants to comply with the ADA regulations easily and inexpensively; to attract more  customers with disabilities and thereby increase restaurant revenues. 

In 2007, Curt contacted me about helping him to further develop the PTE.  Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly jumped in with time and resources.  But, just as we finally developed our prototype and got it into production, the “Great Recession”  of 2008 occurred:  there were no loans available or investors willing to take on new projects.   Those circumstances forced us to put the project on hold until the financial crisis passed and the economic  landscape improved.

In February 2010, Curt  became  very ill and had to be hospitalized.   On one of my visits with him, he asked:  “If anything happens to me, will you finish this…?”  I replied… “Of course I will… you’re my friend, and if God ever gives me the resources to do it, I’ll do it…”

Unfortunately, in June of 2010, Curt passed away.   In July of 2015, I was blessed with  financial resources that enabled me to continue with this project.  I remembered my promise to Curt and made the decision to pick-up where we left off in 2008, to pursue Curt’s  dream  and to make it my own!   From that point going forward, God has blessed us in many ways, including  the support of many, many people willing to help me fulfill Curt’s legacy. As a believer, I can only give God all the Glory, Honor and the Praise for bringing this effort so far, so quickly.

My earnest desire is to make life better, easier,  and to deliver a better quality of life to persons with disabilities; hence the name of our company… Quality Of Life Products…

Restaurant owners, please join our effort to offer  persons with  disabilities the same opportunities that all able bodied people often take for granted.

If you purchase any of our products and make your restaurant “totally” accessible; offer a “Buy 1 Meal, Get 1 Free” Promotion to every able-bodied person who comes to your restaurant, allowing the disabled person to enjoy the free meal and  begin to build your brand with a greatly underserved market.  For your small investment, you will have the opportunity to increase the number of people who come to your restaurant and increase your revenue dramatically!!!   You can meet your ADA compliance concerns and make more money at the same time!!!

Thanks for your support and God Bless You…

Our motto is: “ and access for all… it’s the right thing to do!” 

Our Mission & Our Story


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