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The Portable Tabletop Extension (PTE) allows you to offer “real” seating access to patrons in wheelchairs virtually anywhere in your restaurant - quickly and conveniently to enhance your customers dining experience. PLUS!!! You get a 50% IRS tax credit on your purchase…     Go to products!! 

There are also discounts available for quantities of 11+ and for prepaid orders. It also saves your staff the extra work of cleaning and possible damage (stains) from accidents. How would up to 25 to 50 more adult meals (sales) affect your bottom line profit every month, year, etc.…?

Here's a Bonus!!! - 90% of the of your wheelchair customers will travel with a companion which means 
an additional adult meal and drink sold.

The Portable Tabletop Extension (Restaurant Model) has a 14”x 11” surface, is made from a heavy duty nylon based material that will not break or lose its shape. And it has a ¼” ridge around the edge of the surface to catch the spill of liquids, i.e. drinks or soups, etc. to prevent the liquid from getting on your patron.

The clamps are made of the same hi-density material that are guaranteed to deliver years of use and the PTE will pay for itself over and over and over again.​

You probably provide booster seats and highchairs to families with children: why not also accommodate higher value, typically adults that spend more money on their meals than parents spend on “kid’s meals.” Additionally, a companion accompanies most wheelchair customers, so you have the opportunity to serve not one, but TWO adult meals with drinks.

Make sense…???

Restaurants need to make more money or they won’t stay in business. The Portable Tabletop Extension can help…

In only seconds, the sturdy Portable Tabletop Extension easily attaches (removes) and allows EVERY table in your restaurant to meet the sections of the ADA law affecting restaurants and all establishments with tables and/or booths. Restaurants are required to make five (5%) percent of their tables readily accessible to patrons in wheelchairs. Better yet! How much more revenue could you generate if you were able to accommodate a party of 10 patrons in wheelchairs.

And, on a regular basis…

As a conscientious restaurant owner/manager, you are probably already compliant with most American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements such as: parking spaces, access ramps, doors, and restrooms. But there was really nothing that you could do about tables… Now you can meet the ADA table access requirements and make more money at the same time. Go to products!!

The Portable Tabletop Extension is available through your SYSCO-Supplies On The Fly.

Please don’t forget the optional “Plate Rotator” accessory that gives those with limited mobility with their arms or hands the ability to “spin” their plate to exactly the item that they want to eat - right in front of them. EXTRA VALUE!!! Get both pieces for $99.00 plus shipping. PLUS!!! You get a 50% IRS tax credit on your purchase…

There are also discounts available for quantities of 11+ and for prepaid orders. Call for discount information (559) 460-3090.

The patented Portable Tabletop Extension is "Made in America" and supported with a limited lifetime warranty. The PTE comes in a storage bag; it’s stackable and easily stored.

Each Portable Tabletop Extension is packaged by the friendly folks at “The Arc” allowing our company to “give back” by providing employment opportunities for the disabled in the community.​​


We (QOL) are members of several restaurant associations. In fact, we had an exhibit at the May 2016 National Restaurant Show in Chicago that was very, very successful.  Go to products!!

In the various newsletters and publications, there is one common theme… “Most independent restaurants are struggling to maintain against the constant bombardment of ever increasing costs of doing business.” 

Headlines such as:

    “In today’s challenging restaurant environment, owners can’t simply raise prices”
    “D.C. restaurants have lost more jobs than in any six-month period since 2001’s recession” 
    “Facing high labor cost from minimum wage hikes, Chicago restaurant closes?

But wait… there’s more…

    “Rising cost cause Oakland’s Stag’s Lunchette to close”
    “San Diego’s business outlook drops to all-time low after minimum wage increase?
    “No-tip restaurants gaining few fans?

These articles and dozens more are just from the beginning of 2016. And they will keep coming. Most restaurants need to generate more cash-flow and higher profits. BUT HOW DO YOU DO THAT??? THE PORTABLE TABLETOP EXTENSION!


What’s stopping those good people, who have money to spend… from coming to your restaurant???

Are you marketing yourself to them? Letting them know that they are “Welcome” at your establishment. Using social medial to get the message out that your restaurant is COMPLETELY ACCESSIBLE and that the person in a wheelchair can sit virtually anywhere they like and let you deliver the best dining experience that they have ever had, so they can come back again & again, and tell all their friends how wonderful you treated them and made them feel like they were just as valuable as anyone else is? 

This is not about being ADA compliant and avoiding ADA lawsuits anymore… True, unless your tables meet the ADA standard; you are at risk… But right now… it’s more about you making more money and not just surviving, but thriving… Plus… there is a 50% IRS tax credit available.  Go to products!!

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Restaurant Owners - The Portable Tabletop Extension

What If...?

You could serve 10 extra meals a week x $13.50 = $135.50 x 52 = $7,046.00
You could serve 15 extra meals a week x $13.50 = $202.50 x 52 = $10,530.00
You could serve 30 extra meals a week x $13.50 = $405.00 x 52 = $21,060.00

Or more…


Promote your accessibility on Social Media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and anywhere you can. The more people that know your restaurant is completely accessible, the more people will come to your establishment…